On C$^2$-smooth Surfaces of Constant Width

Brendan Guilfoyle and Wilhelm Klingenberg
Arxiv ID: 0704.3248Last updated: 11/15/2021
A number of results for C$^2$-smooth surfaces of constant width in Euclidean 3-space ${\mathbb{E}}^3$ are obtained. In particular, an integral inequality for constant width surfaces is established. This is used to prove that the ratio of volume to cubed width of a constant width surface is reduced by shrinking it along its normal lines. We also give a characterization of surfaces of constant width that have rational support function. Our techniques, which are complex differential geometric in nature, allow us to construct explicit smooth surfaces of constant width in ${\mathbb{E}}^3$, and their focal sets. They also allow for easy construction of tetrahedrally symmetric surfaces of constant width.

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