A mathematical criterion for single photon sources used in quantum cryptography

Anirban Pathak
Arxiv ID: 0705.1600Last updated: 6/10/2022
A single photon source (SPS) is very important for quantum computation. In particular, it is essential for secured quantum cryptography. But there is no perfect SPS in reality. Therefore, probabilistic SPS where probability of simultaneous emission of two, three, four and more photon is less than the emission of a single photon are used. Since classical photon always comes in bunch, the required single photon source must be nonclassical. In the well-known antibunched state the rate of simultaneous emission of two photon is less than that of single photon. But the requirement of quantum cryptography is a multiphoton version of the antibunched state or the higher order antibunched state. Recently we have reported a mathematical criterion for higher order antibunching. Here we have shown that any proposal for SPS to be used in quantum cryptography should satisfy this criterion. We have studied four wave mixing as a possible candidate of single photon source.

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