Anomalous magnetoresistance of EuB$_{5.99}$C$_{0.01}$: Enhancement of magnetoresistance in systems with magnetic polarons

M. Batkova, I. Batko, K. Flachbart, K. Jurek, E.S. Konovalova, J. Kovac, M. Reiffers, V. Sechovsky, N.Shitsevalova, E. Santava, J. Sebek
Arxiv ID: 0706.0091Last updated: 10/8/2020
We present results of measurements of electrical, magnetic and thermal properties of EuB$_{5.99}$C$_{0.01}$. The observed anomalously large negative magnetoresistance as above, so below the Curie temperature of ferromagnetic ordering $T_C$ is attributed to fluctuations in carbon concentration. Below $T_C$ the carbon richer regions give rise to helimagnetic domains, which are responsible for an additional scattering term in the resistivity, which can be suppressed by a magnetic field. Above $T_C$ these regions prevent the process of percolation of magnetic polarons (MPs), acting as "spacers" between MPs. We propose that such "spacers", being in fact volumes incompatible with existence of MPs, may be responsible for the decrease of the percolation temperature and for the additional (magneto)resistivity increase in systems with MPs.

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