Resonant and Near-Resonant Internal Wave Interactions

Yuri V. Lvov, Kurt L. Polzin, Naoto Yokoyama
Arxiv ID: 0706.3712Last updated: 6/5/2020
We report evaluations of a resonant kinetic equation that suggest the slow time evolution of the Garrett and Munk spectrum is not, in fact, slow. Instead nonlinear transfers lead to evolution time scales that are smaller than one wave period at high vertical wavenumber. Such values of the transfer rates are inconsistent with conventional wisdom that regards the Garrett and Munk spectrum as an approximate stationary state and puts the self-consistency of a resonant kinetic equation at a serious risk. We explore possible reasons for and resolutions of this paradox. Inclusion of near-resonant interactions decreases the rate at which the spectrum evolves. This leads to improved self-consistency of the kinetic equation.

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