The Informational Conception and Basic Physics

Sergey V. Shevchenko and Vladimir V. Tokarevsky
Arxiv ID: 0707.4657Last updated: 9/8/2021
In our previous arXiv papers ("The Information and the Matter", v1, v5; more systematically the informational conception is presented in the paper "The Information as Absolute", 2010) it was rigorously shown that Matter in our Universe - and Universe as a whole - are some informational systems (structures), which exist as uninterruptedly transforming [practically] infinitesimal sub-sets of the absolutely infinite and fundamental set "Information". Such a conception allows not only to clear essentially a number of metaphysical and epistemological problems in philosophy but, besides, allows to suggest a reasonable physical model. Since Matter in Universe is an informational system where any interaction between Matter's sub-structures, i.e. - particles and systems of the particles - happens always as an exchange by exclusively true information between these structures, the model is based on the conjecture that Matter is some analogue of computer. The conjecture, in turn, allows to introduce in the model the basic logical elements that constitute the material structures and support the informational exchange - i.e. the forces - between the structures. The model is experimentally testable and yet now makes be more clear a number of basic problems in special relativity, quantum mechanics, and, rather probably, in [now - in Newtonian] gravity.

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