Invariant chiral differential operators and the W_3 algebra

Andrew R. Linshaw
Arxiv ID: 0710.0194Last updated: 8/10/2020
Attached to a vector space V is a vertex algebra S(V) known as the beta-gamma system or algebra of chiral differential operators on V. It is analogous to the Weyl algebra D(V), and is related to D(V) via the Zhu functor. If G is a connected Lie group with Lie algebra g, and V is a linear G-representation, there is an action of the corresponding affine algebra on S(V). The invariant space S(V)^{g[t]} is a commutant subalgebra of S(V), and plays the role of the classical invariant ring D(V)^G. When G is an abelian Lie group acting diagonally on V, we find a finite set of generators for S(V)^{g[t]}, and show that S(V)^{g[t]} is a simple vertex algebra and a member of a Howe pair. The Zamolodchikov W_3 algebra with c=-2 plays a fundamental role in the structure of S(V)^{g[t]}.

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