The Natural Philosophy of Kazuo Kondo

Grenville J. Croll
Arxiv ID: 0712.0641Last updated: 6/4/2020
Kazuo Kondo (1911-2001) was Chair of the Department of Mathematical Engineering at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Over a period of 50 years, he and a few colleagues wrote and published a voluminous series of papers and monographs on the applications of analytical geometry within a diverse range of subjects in the natural sciences. Inspired by Otto Fischer's attempt at a quaternionic unified theory in the late 1950's he adopted the mathematics of the revered Akitsugu Kawaguchi to produce his own speculative unified theory. The theory appears to successfully apply Kawaguchi's mathematics to the full range of natural phenomena, from the structure of fundamental particles to the geometry of living beings. The theories are testable and falsifiable. Kondo and his theories are now almost completely unknown and this paper serves as the barest introduction to his work

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