Symplectic Homogenization

Claude Viterbo (DMA-Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure)
Arxiv ID: 0801.0206Last updated: 4/13/2022
Let $H(q,p)$ be a Hamiltonian on $T^*T^n$. We show that the sequence $H_{k}(q,p)=H(kq,p)$ converges for the $\gamma$ topology defined by the author, to $\bar{H}(p)$. This is extended to the case where only some of the variables are homogenized, that is the sequence $H(kx,y,q,p)$ where the limit is of the type ${\bar H}(y,q,p)$ and thus yields an "effective Hamiltonian". We give here the proof of the convergence, and the first properties of the homogenization operator, and give some immediate consequences for solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, construction of quasi-states, etc. We also prove that the function $\bar H$ coincides with Mather's $\alpha$ function which gives a new proof of its symplectic invariance proved by P. Bernard. A previous version of this paper relied on the former "On the capacity of Lagrangians in $T^*T^n$ which has been withdrawn. The present version of Symplectic Homogenization does not rely on it anymore.

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