The focal-plane instruments on board WSO-UV

I. Pagano, M. Sachkov, A.I. Gomez de Castro, M. Huang, N. Kappelmann, S. Scuderi, B. Shustov, K. Werner, and G. Zhao
Arxiv ID: 0801.2039Last updated: 8/5/2020
Dedicated to spectroscopic and imaging observations of the ultraviolet sky, the World Space Observatory for Ultraviolet Project is a Russia led international collaboration presently involving also China, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ukraine. The mission consists of a 1.7m telescope able to perform: a) high resolution (R greater than 60000) spectroscopy by means of two echelle spectrographs covering the 103-310 nm range; b) long slit (1x75 arcsec) low resolution (R about 1500-2500) spectroscopy using a near-UV channel and a far-UV channel to cover the 102-310nm range; c) deep UV and diffraction limited UV and optical imaging (from 115 to 700 nm). Overall information on the project and on its science objectives are given by other two papers in these proceedings. Here we present the WSO-UV focal plane instruments, their status of implementation, and the expected performances.

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