The impact of encounters on the members of Local Group Analogs. A view from GALEX

L. M. Buson, D. Bettoni, L. Bianchi, A. Buzzoni, A. Marino, R. Rampazzo
Arxiv ID: 0801.3173Last updated: 8/5/2020
The bright galaxy population of the Local Group Analog (LGA) LGG 225 has been imaged with the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) through its Far- and Near-UV wavebands. A significant fraction of the group members appear to underwent recent/on-going interaction episodes that strongly disturbed overall galaxy morphology. UV-bright regions, sites of intense star formation activity accompanied by intense dust extinction, mark the galaxy outskirts forming irregular structures and tails. Compared to the Local Group, LGG 225 seems thus to be experiencing a more intense and active evolutionary phase.

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