Weyl groups and Elliptic Solutions of the WDVV equations

Ian A. B. Strachan
Arxiv ID: 0802.0388Last updated: 12/15/2020
A functional ansatz is developed which gives certain elliptic solutions of the Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde (or WDVV) equation. This is based on the elliptic trilogarithm function introduced by Beilinson and Levin. For this to be a solution results in a number of purely algebraic conditions on the set of vectors that appear in the ansatz, this providing an elliptic version of the idea, introduced by Veselov, of a V-system. Rational and trigonometric limits are studied together with examples of elliptic V-systems based on various Weyl groups. Jacobi group orbit spaces are studied: these carry the structure of a Frobenius manifold. The corresponding almost dual structure is shown, in the A_N and B_N and conjecturally for an arbitrary Weyl group, to correspond to the elliptic solutions of the WDVV equations. Transformation properties, under the Jacobi group, of the elliptic trilogarithm are derived together with various functional identities which generalize the classical Frobenius-Stickelburger relations.

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