The wave equation on static singular space-times

Eberhard Mayerhofer
Arxiv ID: 0802.1616Last updated: 1/12/2021
The first part of my thesis lays the foundations to generalized Lorentz geometry. The basic algebraic structure of finite-dimensional modules over the ring of generalized numbers is investigated. The motivation for this part of my thesis evolved from the main topic, the wave equation on singular space-times. The second and main part of my thesis is devoted to establishing a local existence and uniqueness theorem for the wave equation on singular space-times. The singular Lorentz metric subject to our discussion is modeled within the special algebra on manifolds in the sense of Colombeau. Inspired by an approach to generalized hyperbolicity of conical-space times due to Vickers and Wilson, we succeed in establishing certain energy estimates, which by a further elaborated equivalence of energy integrals and Sobolev norms allow us to prove existence and uniqueness of local generalized solutions of the wave equation with respect to a wide class of generalized metrics. The third part of my thesis treats three different point value resp. uniqueness questions in algebras of generalized functions

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