A Classical Analogue to the Standard Model, Chapter 3: Standard Model particle spectrum from scalar fields on β„‚^∧ 18

R. N. C. Pfeifer
Arxiv ID: 0805.3819β€’Last updated: 6/13/2023
The β„‚^∧ 2𝔫 models are analogue models which generate Lagrangians for quasiparticles on ℝ^1,3 from antisymmetric vector products on Grassmann manifolds. This paper introduces β„‚^∧ 18, the smallest member of this series which is capable of hosting a quasiparticle spectrum analogous to the Standard Model. Once all gaugeable degrees of freedom have been fixed, the particle spectrum of β„‚^∧ 18 is seen to resemble the Standard Model plus two additional weakly interacting bosons and a ninth gluon.

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