On the zeros of the Riemann zeta function

Jorma Jormakka
Arxiv ID: 0806.2361Last updated: 1/19/2021
In 2008 I thought I found a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, but there was an error. In the Spring 2020 I believed to have fixed the error, but it cannot be fixed. I describe here where the error was. It took me several days to find the error in a careful checking before a possible submission to a payable review offered by one leading journal. There were three simple lemmas and one simple theorem, all were correct, yet there was an error: what Lemma 2 proved was not exactly what Lemma 3 needed. So, it was the connection of the lemmas. This paper came out empty, but I have found a different proof of the Riemann Hypothesis and it seems so far correct. In the discussion at the end of this paper I raise a matter that I think is of importance to the review process in mathematics.

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