Deformations of symmetric simple modular Lie (super)algebras

Sofiane Bouarroudj, Pavel Grozman, Dimitry Leites
Arxiv ID: 0807.3054Last updated: 12/1/2022
We say that a Lie (super)algebra is "symmetric" if with every root (with respect to the maximal torus) it has its opposite of the same multiplicity. Over algebraically closed fields of positive characteristics we describe the deforms (results of deformations) of all known simple finite-dimensional symmetric Lie (super)algebras of rank $<9$, except for superizations of the Lie algebras with ADE root systems. The moduli of deformations of any Lie superalgebra constitute a supervariety. Any infinitesimal deformation given by any odd cocycle is integrable with an odd parameter running over a supervariety. All deforms corresponding to odd cocycles are new. Among new results are classification of the deforms of the 29-dimensional Brown algebra in characteristic 3, of Weisfeiler-Kac algebras and orthogonal Lie algebras without Cartan matrix in characteristic 2. For the Lie (super)algebras considered, all cocycles are integrable, the deforms corresponding to the weight cocycles are usually linear in the parameter. Problems: describe isomorphic deforms and deforms of superized algebras of ADE series in characteristic 2. Appendix: For several modular analogs of complex simple Lie algebras, and simple Lie algebras indigenous to characteristics 3 and 2, we describe the space of cohomology with trivial coefficients. We show that the natural multiplication in this space is very complicated.

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