Special extension of the relativity of moving bodies: a case study

Faycal Ben Adda
Arxiv ID: 0808.3525Last updated: 8/30/2022
The incorporation of an adequate discrete expansion to the formalism of the special relativity that does not allow gravitational acceleration unravels unexplored phenomena. This extension takes into account consequences of a small variation of the limiting velocity for a large scale of time together with the space-time expansion. It determines a natural boundary between physical systems with high and low kinetic energy, provides a new insight for Earth revolution since its formation, indicates a new factor that maintains the earlier remnant heat inside Earth, indicates that the self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction that generates Earth major heat is increasing together with the space-time expansion, provides a new lead for the problem of galaxies missing mass, shows how time is entangled with space and expansion and leads to a new interpretation of its characteristics.

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