On the Lieb-Liniger model in the infinite coupling constant limit

Stephane Ouvry, Alexios P. Polychronakos
Arxiv ID: 0812.0741Last updated: 3/6/2020
We consider the one-dimensional Lieb-Liniger model (bosons interacting via 2-body delta potentials) in the infinite coupling constant limit (the so-called Tonks-Girardeau model). This model might be relevant as a description of atomic Bose gases confined in a one-dimensional geometry. It is known to have a fermionic spectrum since the N-body wavefunctions have to vanish at coinciding points, and therefore be symmetrizations of fermionic Slater wavefunctions. We argue that in the infinite coupling constant limit the model is indistinguishable from free fermions, i.e., all physically accessible observables are the same as those of free fermions. Therefore, Bose-Einstein condensate experiments at finite energy that preserve the one-dimensional geometry cannot test any bosonic characteristic of such a model.

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