Recent Results and Future Prospects from MINOS

Jonathan M. Paley (for the MINOS Collaboration)
Arxiv ID: 0901.2131Last updated: 9/14/2022
The MINOS experiment uses the intense NuMI beam created at Fermilab and two magnetized tracking calorimeters, one located at Fermilab and one located 735 km away at the Soudan Mine in Minnesota, to make precise measurements of $\nu_\mu$ disappearance oscillation parameters. We present recent results from the first two years of NuMI beam operations, including the precise measurement of the atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters and the search for sterile neutrinos. Future prospects for MINOS will also be discussed, including an improved limit on the $\theta_{13}$ mixing angle by searching for $\nu_e$ appearance in the $\nu_\mu$ beam.

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