Quantum mechanics as a solution to the classical self-force problem

Yehonatan Knoll
Arxiv ID: 0902.4606Last updated: 11/3/2020
It is argued that, contrary to conventional wisdom, no trustworthy universal self-force/radiative corrections to the Lorentz force equation, can be derived from the basic tenets of classical electrodynamics. This concords with the apparent randomness observed in quantum mechanical scattering experiments and with the absence of any experimental support for such universality. In a recent paper [11], the statistical effect of radiative corrections to the motion of charged bodies has been derived from the basic tenets and does take a universal form, described by quantum mechanical wave equations—again conforming with experiment. As that derivation assumes nothing about the size, mass or composition of the body, it is conjectured that quantum mechanics is the appropriate framework for dealing also with radiative corrections to the motion of macroscopic bodies.

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