Hawking-Unruh radiation as irreversible consequence of radiative action in dynamics

D. Das
Arxiv ID: 0903.3529Last updated: 2/1/2021
Hawking-Unruh thermal state of warm surrounding field encountered in non-inertial frames is shown to be a real phenomenon, a marker of nonstationary dynamic evolutions. In accelerated motion of a charged particle it is shown that the recoiled damping effect of Larmor radiation relaxation leads to distinctive thermal power, which is akin to that of Hawking-Unruh radiation from warm surrounding field of the accelerated charge. The damping effect from recoil-momentum of transverse electromagnetic field is worked out by considering torque imparted to the inherently existing angular evolution of spherically polarized vacuum field around the point-like charged particle in acceleration. Hawking-Unruh effects is generally noted to be a universal marker of decoherence in evolution in all scales of microscopic, macroscopic and megascopic systems. Besides detailing the case of electrodynamics, the various efficacies of H-U relaxation are considered in the nonstationary evolutions.

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