Localization algebras and deformations of Koszul algebras

Tom Braden, Anthony Licata, Christopher Phan, Nicholas Proudfoot, Ben Webster
Arxiv ID: 0905.1335Last updated: 11/18/2022
We show that the center of a flat graded deformation of a standard Koszul algebra behaves in many ways like the torus-equivariant cohomology ring of an algebraic variety with finite fixed-point set. In particular, the center acts by characters on the deformed standard modules, providing a "localization map." We construct a universal graded deformation, and show that the spectrum of its center is supported on a certain arrangement of hyperplanes which is orthogonal to the arrangement coming the Koszul dual algebra. This is an algebraic version of a duality discovered by Goresky and MacPherson between the equivariant cohomology rings of partial flag varieties and Springer fibers; we recover and generalize their result by showing that the center of the universal deformation for the ring governing a block of parabolic category $\mathcal{O}$ for $\mathfrak{gl}_n$ is isomorphic to the equivariant cohomology of a Spaltenstein variety. We also identify the center of the deformed version of the "category $\mathcal{O}$" of a hyperplane arrangement (defined by the authors in a previous paper) with the equivariant cohomology of a hypertoric variety.

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