Craters Formed in Granular Beds by Impinging Jets of Gas

Philip T. Metzger, Robert C. Latta III, Jason M. Schuler, and Christopher D. Immer
Arxiv ID: 0905.4851Last updated: 4/13/2021
When a jet of gas impinges vertically on a granular bed and forms a crater, the grains may be moved by several different mechanisms: viscous erosion, diffused gas eruption, bearing capacity failure, and/or diffusion-driven shearing. The relative importance of these mechanisms depends upon the flow regime of the gas, the mechanical state of the granular material, and other physical parameters. Here we report research in two specific regimes: viscous erosion forming scour holes as a function of particle size and gravity; and bearing capacity failure forming deep transient craters as a function of soil compaction.

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