Optical BCS conductivity at imaginary frequencies and dispersion energies of superconductors

G. Bimonte, H. Haakh, C. Henkel and F. Intravaia
Arxiv ID: 0907.3775Last updated: 8/6/2021
We present an efficient expression for the analytic continuation to arbitrary complex frequencies of the complex optical and AC conductivity of a homogeneous superconductor with arbitrary mean free path. Knowledge of this quantity is fundamental in the calculation of thermodynamic potentials and dispersion energies involving type-I superconducting bodies. When considered for imaginary frequencies, our formula evaluates faster than previous schemes involving Kramers--Kronig transforms. A number of applications illustrates its efficiency: a simplified low-frequency expansion of the conductivity, the electromagnetic bulk self-energy due to longitudinal plasma oscillations, and the Casimir free energy of a superconducting cavity.

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