Extended real Clifford-Dirac algebra and bosonic symmetries of the Dirac equation with nonzero mass

V.M. Simulik and I.Yu. Krivsky
Arxiv ID: 0908.3106Last updated: 10/4/2021
Contemporary presentation of the version 1 demonstrates briefly the development of our investigations and our future goals. The improved free of difficulties in interpretation and printing errors version is presented. The 256-dimensional gamma matrix representations of the Clifford algebra and corresponding representations of SO(10) and SO(1,9) algebras over the field of real numbers are introduced. This turned out to be possible in the space of eight-component spinors, and not for the ordinary four-component Dirac spinors. The proposed mathematical objects allow the generalization of our results, obtained earlier for the standard Dirac equation, for the equations of higher spin and, especially, for the equations, describing the particles with spin 3/2.

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