Generalized priority-queue network dynamics: Impact of team and hierarchy

Won-kuk Cho, Byungjoon Min, K.-I. Goh, I.-M. Kim
Arxiv ID: 0909.1461Last updated: 4/15/2022
We study the effect of team and hierarchy on the waiting-time dynamics of priority-queue networks. To this end, we introduce generalized priority-queue network models incorporating interaction rules based on team-execution and hierarchy in decision making, respectively. It is numerically found that the waiting time distribution exhibits a power law for long waiting times in both cases, yet with different exponents depending on the team size and the position of queue nodes in the hierarchy, respectively. The observed power-law behaviors have in many cases a corresponding single or pairwise-interacting queue dynamics, suggesting that the pairwise interaction may constitute a major dynamics consequence in the priority-queue networks. It is also found that the reciprocity of influence is a relevant factor for the priority-queue network dynamics

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