Limits of Projective and $\partial\bar\partial$-Manifolds under Holomorphic Deformations

Dan Popovici
Arxiv ID: 0910.2032Last updated: 7/7/2020
We prove that if in a (smooth) holomorphic family of compact complex manifolds all the fibres, except one, are projective, then the remaining (limit) fibre must be Moishezon. In an earlier work, we proved this result under the extra assumption that the limit fibre carries a strongly Gauduchon metric. In the present paper, we remove the extra assumption by proving that if all the fibres, except one, are $\partial\bar\partial$-manifolds, then the limit fibre carries a strongly Gauduchon metric. The $\partial\bar\partial$-assumption on the generic fibre is much weaker than the projective, K\"ahler and even {\it class} ${\cal C}$ assumptions, but it implies the Hodge decomposition and symmetry, while being called the 'validity of the $\partial\bar\partial$-lemma' by many authors. Our method consists in starting off with an arbitrary smooth family $(\gamma_t)_{t\in\Delta}$ of Gauduchon metrics on the fibres $(X_t)_{t\in\Delta}$ and in correcting $\gamma_0$ in a finite number of steps to a strongly Gauduchon metric by repeated uses of the $\partial\bar\partial$-assumption on the generic fibre and of estimates of minimal $L^2$-norm solutions for $\partial$-, $\bar\partial$- and $d$-equations.

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