An anhomomorphic logic for quantum mechanics

Stan Gudder
Arxiv ID: 0910.3253Last updated: 9/1/2022
Although various schemes for anhomomorphic logics for quantum mechanics have been considered in the past we shall mainly concentrate on the quadratic or grade-2 scheme. In this scheme, the grade-2 truth functions are called coevents. We discuss properties of coevents, projections on the space of coevents and the master observable. We show that the set of projections forms an orthomodular poset. We introduce the concept of precluding coevents and show that this is stronger than the previously studied concept of preclusive coevents. Precluding coevents are defined naturally in terms of the master observable. A result that exhibits a duality between preclusive and precluding coevents is given. Some simple examples are presented.

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