Classical Physics: Spacetime and Fields

Nikodem Pop{\l}awski
Arxiv ID: 0911.0334Last updated: 7/7/2020
We present a self-contained introduction to the classical theory of spacetime and fields. This exposition is based on the most general principles: the principle of general covariance (relativity) and the principle of least action. The order of the exposition is: 1. Spacetime (principle of general covariance and tensors, affine connection, curvature, metric, tetrad and spin connection, Lorentz group, spinors); 2. Fields (principle of least action, action for gravitational field, matter, symmetries and conservation laws, gravitational field equations, spinor fields, electromagnetic field, action for particles). In this order, a particle is a special case of a field existing in spacetime, and classical mechanics can be derived from field theory.

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