Black Hole (Thermodynamics) – a Simplified Theory for Quantum Gravity Non-Specialists

Vladan Pankovic
Arxiv ID: 0911.1026Last updated: 9/22/2020
In this work we suggest a simplified "quasi-classical" formalism of the Schwarzschild black hole thermodynamics. We define such small quantum system at Schwarzschild black hole horizon surface whose reduced Compton wavelength equals one circumference of a great circle on the black hole horizon surface. (It is in some way similar to the Bohr orbital momentum quantization postulate for the ground state interpreted via de Broglie relation.) It admits very simple functional connections between all black hole basic thermodynamic characteristics (Unruh temperature, Hawking temperature, Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, Bekenstein entropy horizon surface quantization, evaporation time) and small quantum system mass. All this can be very interesting for the quantum gravity specialists as well as non-specialists.

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