Axion cold dark matter in non-standard cosmologies

Luca Visinelli, Paolo Gondolo
Arxiv ID: 0912.0015Last updated: 12/14/2021
We study the parameter space of cold dark matter axions in two cosmological scenarios with non-standard thermal histories before Big Bang nucleosynthesis: the Low Temperature Reheating (LTR) cosmology and the kination cosmology. If the Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaks during inflation, we find more allowed parameter space in the LTR cosmology than in the standard cosmology and less in the kination cosmology. On the contrary, if the Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaks after inflation, the Peccei-Quinn scale is orders of magnitude higher than standard in the LTR cosmology and lower in the kination cosmology. We show that the axion velocity dispersion may be used to distinguish some of these non-standard cosmologies. Thus, axion cold dark matter may be a good probe of the history of the Universe before Big Bang nucleosynthesis.

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