Anomalously interacting extra neutral bosons

M.V. Chizhov, V.A. Bednyakov and J.A. Budagov
Arxiv ID: 1005.2728Last updated: 3/2/2022
We study phenomenological consequences of the Standard Model extension by the new spin-1 chiral fields with the internal quantum numbers of the electroweak Higgs doublets. There are at least three different classes of theories, all motivated by the hierarchy problem, which predict new vector weak-doublets with masses not far from the electro-weak scale. We discuss resonance production of these neutral chiral Z* bosons at hadron colliders. The bosons can be observed as a Breit-Wigner resonance peak in the invariant dilepton mass distributions in the same way as the well-known extra gauge Z' bosons. This includes them into a list of very interesting objects for early searches with the first LHC data. Moreover, the Z* bosons have unique signatures in transverse momentum, angular and pseudorapidity distributions of the final leptons, which allow to distinguish them from the other heavy neutral resonances.

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