Four-top production and t tbar + missing energy events at multi TeV e+e- colliders

Marco Battaglia and Geraldine Servant
Arxiv ID: 1005.4632Last updated: 3/2/2022
Four-top production and top pair production in association with missing energy at e+e- colliders are sensitive probes of beyond-the-Standard-Model physics. We consider Standard Model (SM) extensions containing a new U(1)' which couples preferably to the most massive states of the SM such as the top quark or Dark Matter but has suppressed couplings to all the light states of the SM, as inspired by Randall-Sundrum-like setups or theories of partial fermion compositeness. These simple models are poorly constrained by experimental data but lead to striking new signatures at colliders. In this note we consider Z' production in association with a top quark pair in 3 TeV e+e- collisions at CLIC, leading to interesting four-top final states and ttbar+missing energy events.

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