Modular Frobenius manifolds and their invariant flows

Ewan K. Morrison, Ian A.B. Strachan
Arxiv ID: 1006.0649Last updated: 12/15/2020
The space of Frobenius manifolds has a natural involutive symmetry on it: there exists a map $I$ which send a Frobenius manifold to another Frobenius manifold. Also, from a Frobenius manifold one may construct a so-called almost dual Frobenius manifold which satisfies almost all of the axioms of a Frobenius manifold. The action of $I$ on the almost dual manifolds is studied, and the action of $I$ on objects such as periods, twisted periods and flows is studied. A distinguished class of Frobenius manifolds sit at the fixed point of this involutive symmetry, and this is made manifest in certain modular properties of the various structures. In particular, up to a simple reciprocal transformation, for this class of modular Frobenius manifolds, the flows are invariant under the action of $I\,.$

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