An Automated Evaluation Metric for Chinese Text Entry

Mike Tian-Jian Jiang, James Zhan, Jaimie Lin, Jerry Lin, Wen-Lien Hsu
Arxiv ID: 704.3662Last updated: 10/29/2013
In this paper, we propose an automated evaluation metric for text entry. We also consider possible improvements to existing text entry evaluation metrics, such as the minimum string distance error rate, keystrokes per character, cost per correction, and a unified approach proposed by MacKenzie, so they can accommodate the special characteristics of Chinese text. Current methods lack an integrated concern about both typing speed and accuracy for Chinese text entry evaluation. Our goal is to remove the bias that arises due to human factors. First, we propose a new metric, called the correction penalty (P), based on Fitts' law and Hick's law. Next, we transform it into the approximate amortized cost (AAC) of information theory. An analysis of the AAC of Chinese text input methods with different context lengths is also presented.

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