CLAIRLIB Documentation v1.03

Dragomir Radev, Mark Hodges, Anthony Fader, Mark Joseph, Joshua Gerrish, Mark Schaller, Jonathan dePeri, Bryan Gibson
Arxiv ID: 712.3298Last updated: 12/21/2007
The Clair library is intended to simplify a number of generic tasks in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR), and Network Analysis. Its architecture also allows for external software to be plugged in with very little effort. Functionality native to Clairlib includes Tokenization, Summarization, LexRank, Biased LexRank, Document Clustering, Document Indexing, PageRank, Biased PageRank, Web Graph Analysis, Network Generation, Power Law Distribution Analysis, Network Analysis (clustering coefficient, degree distribution plotting, average shortest path, diameter, triangles, shortest path matrices, connected components), Cosine Similarity, Random Walks on Graphs, Statistics (distributions, tests), Tf, Idf, Community Finding.

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