Textual Fingerprinting with Texts from Parkin, Bassewitz, and Leander

Christoph Schommer, Conny Uhde
Arxiv ID: 802.2234Last updated: 2/18/2008
Current research in author profiling to discover a legal author's fingerprint does not only follow examinations based on statistical parameters only but include more and more dynamic methods that can learn and that react adaptable to the specific behavior of an author. But the question on how to appropriately represent a text is still one of the fundamental tasks, and the problem of which attribute should be used to fingerprint the author's style is still not exactly defined. In this work, we focus on linguistic selection of attributes to fingerprint the style of the authors Parkin, Bassewitz and Leander. We use texts of the genre Fairy Tale as it has a clear style and texts of a shorter size with a straightforward story-line and a simple language.

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