Figuring out Actors in Text Streams: Using Collocations to establish Incremental Mind-maps

T. Rothenberger, S. Oez, E. Tahirovic, C. Schommer
Arxiv ID: 803.2856Last updated: 12/18/2008
The recognition, involvement, and description of main actors influences the story line of the whole text. This is of higher importance as the text per se represents a flow of words and expressions that once it is read it is lost. In this respect, the understanding of a text and moreover on how the actor exactly behaves is not only a major concern: as human beings try to store a given input on short-term memory while associating diverse aspects and actors with incidents, the following approach represents a virtual architecture, where collocations are concerned and taken as the associative completion of the actors' acting. Once that collocations are discovered, they become managed in separated memory blocks broken down by the actors. As for human beings, the memory blocks refer to associative mind-maps. We then present several priority functions to represent the actual temporal situation inside a mind-map to enable the user to reconstruct the recent events from the discovered temporal results.

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