About the creation of a parallel bilingual corpora of web-publications

D.V. Lande and V.V. Zhygalo
Arxiv ID: 807.0311Last updated: 7/3/2008
The algorithm of the creation texts parallel corpora was presented. The algorithm is based on the use of "key words" in text documents, and on the means of their automated translation. Key words were singled out by means of using Russian and Ukrainian morphological dictionaries, as well as dictionaries of the translation of nouns for the Russian and Ukrainianlanguages. Besides, to calculate the weights of the terms in the documents, empiric-statistic rules were used. The algorithm under consideration was realized in the form of a program complex, integrated into the content-monitoring InfoStream system. As a result, a parallel bilingual corpora of web-publications containing about 30 thousand documents, was created

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