Assembling Actor-based Mind-Maps from Text Stream

Claudine Brucks, Christoph Schommer
Arxiv ID: 810.4616Last updated: 10/28/2008
For human beings, the processing of text streams of unknown size leads generally to problems because e.g. noise must be selected out, information be tested for its relevance or redundancy, and linguistic phenomenon like ambiguity or the resolution of pronouns be advanced. Putting this into simulation by using an artificial mind-map is a challenge, which offers the gate for a wide field of applications like automatic text summarization or punctual retrieval. In this work we present a framework that is a first step towards an automatic intellect. It aims at assembling a mind-map based on incoming text streams and on a subject-verb-object strategy, having the verb as an interconnection between the adjacent nouns. The mind-map's performance is enriched by a pronoun resolution engine that bases on the work of D. Klein, and C. D. Manning.

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