Syntactic variation of support verb constructions

Eric Laporte (IGM-LabInfo), Elisabete Ranchhod (ONSET-CEL), Anastasia Yannacopoulou (IGM-LabInfo)
Arxiv ID: 902.3072Last updated: 2/19/2009
We report experiments about the syntactic variations of support verb constructions, a special type of multiword expressions (MWEs) containing predicative nouns. In these expressions, the noun can occur with or without the verb, with no clear-cut semantic difference. We extracted from a large French corpus a set of examples of the two situations and derived statistical results from these data. The extraction involved large-coverage language resources and finite-state techniques. The results show that, most frequently, predicative nouns occur without a support verb. This fact has consequences on methods of extracting or recognising MWEs.

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