An Object-Oriented and Fast Lexicon for Semantic Generation

Maarten Hijzelendoorn and Crit Cremers
Arxiv ID: 905.3318Last updated: 5/21/2009
This paper is about the technical design of a large computational lexicon, its storage, and its access from a Prolog environment. Traditionally, efficient access and storage of data structures is implemented by a relational database management system. In Delilah, a lexicon-based NLP system, efficient access to the lexicon by the semantic generator is vital. We show that our highly detailed HPSG-style lexical specifications do not fit well in the Relational Model, and that they cannot be efficiently retrieved. We argue that they fit more naturally in the Object-Oriented Model. Although storage of objects is redundant, we claim that efficient access is still possible by applying indexing, and compression techniques from the Relational Model to the Object-Oriented Model. We demonstrate that it is possible to implement object-oriented storage and fast access in ISO Prolog.

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