Commercial Disclosure | 特定商取引法に基づく表記

Legal Name | 商号

Johannes Mario Meissner Blanco

Location | 所在地

We will disclose without delay if requested.

Contact | 連絡先

We will disclose without delay if requested.

Email | メールアドレス

jmariomeissner at gmail dot com

Head of Operations | 代表者

Johannes Mario Meissner Blanco

Additional fees | 追加料金

No additional fees exist.

Exchanges & Returns Policy | 返品・交換について

  • Returns and exchanges requested by customers:
    Refunds are given when requested within 14 days of the subscription time.
    Cancellation is possible at any time, with the subscription ending at the end of the currently active billing period.
  • Returns and exchanges for defective goods and services:
    If the service is defective, we will refund the full amount at any time after the service has been used.

Delivery Time | 商品引き渡し時期

The service is available immediately after payment.

Payment Methods | 支払方法

Credit card payments are accepted.

Payment Period | 支払時期

Credit card payments are proceeed immediately.

Payment Amount | 支払金額

The amount is the monthly subscription fee of the chosen plan, visible in the pricing page. Prices may change in the future.

Operating Environment | 利用環境

The service is available on all modern browsers. The service is not available on Internet Explorer.
Commercial Disclosure
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