An approximation algorithm for approximation rank

Troy Lee, Adi Shraibman
Arxiv ID: 0809.2093Last updated: 3/9/2021
One of the strongest techniques available for showing lower bounds on quantum communication complexity is the logarithm of the approximation rank of the communication matrix–the minimum rank of a matrix which is entrywise close to the communication matrix. This technique has two main drawbacks: it is difficult to compute, and it is not known to lower bound quantum communication complexity with entanglement. Linial and Shraibman recently introduced a norm, called gamma_2^alpha, to quantum communication complexity, showing that it can be used to lower bound communication with entanglement. Here the parameter alpha is a measure of approximation which is related to the allowable error probability of the protocol. This bound can be written as a semidefinite program and gives bounds at least as large as many techniques in the literature, although it is smaller than the corresponding alpha-approximation rank, rk_alpha. We show that in fact log gamma_2^alpha(A)and log rk_alpha(A) agree up to small factors. As corollaries we obtain a constant factor polynomial time approximation algorithm to the logarithm of approximate rank, and that the logarithm of approximation rank is a lower bound for quantum communication complexity with entanglement.

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