A System of Interaction and Structure IV: The Exponentials and Decomposition

Lutz Strassburger and Alessio Guglielmi
Arxiv ID: 0903.5259Last updated: 7/1/2022
We study a system, called NEL, which is the mixed commutative/non-commutative linear logic BV augmented with linear logic's exponentials. Equivalently, NEL is MELL augmented with the non-commutative self-dual connective seq. In this paper, we show a basic compositionality property of NEL, which we call decomposition. This result leads to a cut-elimination theorem, which is proved in the next paper of this series. To control the induction measure for the theorem, we rely on a novel technique that extracts from NEL proofs the structure of exponentials, into what we call !-?-Flow-Graphs.

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